How to register for the ‘My Pension’ portal

It is very easy to register (free of charge) for our online service, but you must use a computer or laptop whilst registering instead of a smartphone or tablet. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select ‘Request One’.
  3. Enter your Surname, National Insurance number, date of birth and email address.

Please only do this once. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from ‘Altair Live.’ Please select the link to complete your registration.

Once you have received an email from ‘Altair Live’:

  1. Select the link in the email. If this does not load, please copy and paste the link into a new browser.
  2. Create a unique username.
  3. Create a password, ensuring you use a capital letter, number and special character, e.g. Welcome1! (The special characters ! or ? are recommended).
  4. Please choose two Security Questions – you will be asked to confirm each answer twice.
  5. Once all the fields are completed, please press submit. You will return to the login page to login using the details you have just created.

If you are still having difficulty registering, you can view the guidance video on our website at: or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

These can be found on the East Sussex Pension Website:

If you have any other questions about the ‘My Pension’ portal please call our technical helpline on: 0300 200 1034.