What is I-Connect?

i-Connect is an internet application which helps to manage the transfer of employee information from payroll administrators to pensions administrators. It is a cloud service that manages the flow of employee information from your payroll system to the fund’s pension administration system. The i-Connect software allows for employers to provide employee details in a secure method and negates the need to provide end of year reporting. The monthly data uploads will inform the Fund of any changes to members details, New Joiners and also allow for the upload of leaver forms.

I-connect Onboarding

East Sussex Pension Fund will be onboarding all employers onto i-Connect throughout the tax year 2021/22. The employer engagement team will be contacting each employer in turn to provide details on how to onboard and the specifications required. If you would like to know more about the i-Connect software then please contact the engagement team by e-mailing: [email protected]