Pension Increase 2024

Pensions in payment are adjusted every year throughout your retirement.

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ESPF remain a signatory of the UK Stewardship Code

The UK Stewardship Code 2020 sets high stewardship standards for those investing money on behalf of UK savers and pensioners, and those that support them. Stewardship is the responsible allocation, management and oversight of capital to create long-term value for clients and beneficiaries leading to sustainable benefits for the economy, the environment and society.

To become a signatory to the Code, organisations must submit to the Financial Reporting Council a Stewardship Report demonstrating how they have applied the Code’s Principles in the previous 12 months. We are pleased that East Sussex Pension Fund continues to meet the expected standard of reporting and will remain a signatory to the Code.

Stewardship Report - East Sussex Pension Fund


Address tracing ITM

East Sussex Pension Fund have appointed ITM to help with an address tracing exercise. If contacted by ITM, please be assured this is genuine and not a scam.

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Cost of living crisis

Considering making changes to your pension? - please read this before you act

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Member guides available

You told us you wanted simple Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) information. So we've produced two guides:

  • Brief guide to the LGPS

  • Planning for retirement guide

These are available via the link below.

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What is a pension?

This video will help you:

  • understand the importance of saving for later life, and
  • explains how you join the Local Government Pension Scheme.


Be Aware of Pensions Scams

Please ensure you are aware of potential pension scams if you decide to transfer your benefits. Educating yourself and remaining vigilant are key to minimising the risk posed by pension scams.

Avoiding pension scams
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How East Sussex Pension Fund uses your data

We hold information (personal data) on you in order to administer the Pension Fund. Find out how we use your data by clicking the link below.

Data Policy

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