East Sussex County Council acts as the Scheme Manager and Administering Authority for the East Sussex Pension Fund. The Council has delegated all powers and duties in relation to the functions it must perform to the Pension Committee.

The Pension Committee is made up of five Members of East Sussex County Council. The Committee is representative of the political balance of the Council.

The Pension Committee make decisions having taken appropriate advice and guidance. This is stated within the LGPS investment regulations. The Investment Strategy is based on the advice of expert investment consultants and an Independent adviser.

Political views must be disregarded when the Committee discuss issues or make decisions. Pension Committee members must act to safeguard the interests of those who they act on behalf of.

The current committee members are:
  • Councillor Gerard Fox (Chairman)
  • Councillor Georgia Taylor
  • Councillor Ian Hollidge
  • Councillor Paul Redstone
  • Councillor David Tutt

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