The SAB has commissioned Hymans Robertson to facilitate a consultation on good governance structures for the LGPS. The purpose of the consultation is to consider how best to accommodate LGPS functions within the democratically accountable local authority framework in a way that ensures that conflicts of interest are addressed and managed appropriately and that the LGPS remains appropriately resourced and able to deliver its statutory functions. SAB have asked Hyman Robertson to help the them identify the real issues and potential options for change to the current arrangements which are proportionate, pragmatic and would improve LGPS governance in these areas.

Through the consultation process, SAB will be seeking the views of as many stakeholders, representing all elements of the LGPS, as possible. Scheme stakeholders will be invited to complete a short online questionnaire which asks for examples of actual conflicts that can arise, your views on the effectiveness of current LGPS governance arrangements and your suggestions for improvement. Further stages of the consultation will include interviews and workshops with key stakeholders. This will allow the SAB to consult on a series of options that reflect the reality of LGPS governance as experienced by those who experience it first-hand.

This work will begin immediately, with reports coming to the SAB in April and July. Hymans Robertson will be in touch with Pensions Committee and Local Pension Board Chairs with further details of the project including information on how to complete the questionnaire and further engagement plans.

Commenting on the appointment of Hymans Robertson, Chair of SAB, Councillor Roger Phillips said “I look forward to working closely with Hymans Robertson and would encourage all those who wish to see the continued success of the LGPS to participate in this important piece of work.”