The Funds AVC provider, the Prudential, have confirmed that they are closing their UK Property S3 fund (the “property fund”) with an effective date of 22 June 2021. They propose to move investments in the property fund to a multi-asset fund, the Prudential Dynamic Growth I S3 fund (“PDGI”). You can choose an alternative fund if you don’t want to move your investment to PDGI, if you want to do this you have until 1 June 2021 to advise Prudential. If you are invested in the property fund they will write to you to let you know reasonings and details of the change.
Neither the Pension Fund nor Prudential can give you financial advice. If you are unsure on what course of action is right for you, we suggest that you seek independent financial advice. You can find a local independent financial adviser (IFA) at Please be aware of pension scams and only use an adviser regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.