The Pension Committee

The Pension Committee has delegated authority for all pension related investment and administration decisions on behalf of the Administering Authority (ESCC).

The current committee members are:

  • Councillor Richard Stogdon (Chairman)
  • Vacant
  • Councillor Simon Elford
  • Councillor Gerard Fox
  • Councillor David Tutt


The Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) invites the chairs of LGPS pension committees and local pension boards to participate in a survey to assess the effectiveness and operational efficiency of the new governance arrangements with particular emphasis on the role and function of the local pension board. The survey is also extended to scheme stakeholders, in particular, the main local government trade unions.

This web based survey is intended to enable SAB to identify any areas of the legislation or related guidance affecting local pension boards that may need to be reviewed to ensure that the statutory requirements of the 2013 Regulations and code of practice issued by the Pensions Regulator are being met. Where appropriate, the Board may make recommendations to DCLG for any regulatory changes that are considered necessary.

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