The Public Service Pensions Act 2013 requires the establishment of a Pension Board with the responsibility for “assisting the Scheme Manager” in securing compliance with all relevant pensions law, regulations and directions.

The East Sussex Pension Fund Pension Board consists of 7 members, as below.
• Employer representative x 3
• Scheme member representative x 3
• Independent Chair x 1

The term of office for Board members is 4 years, or such time as resolved by the Pensions Governance Committee.

Following the expiration of the current Pension Board 4 years terms on 31 March 2019, we are now seeking nominations to the Pension Board. Please see the Pension Board appointment process for more information on how members are appointed.

The Pension Board’s role is one of providing assurance in and governance of the scheme administration and helping to ensure that the East Sussex Pension Fund complies with the code of practice issued by the Pension Regulator. Further details of the role of the Independent Chair and the role of the Employer & Scheme representatives are provided along with the Pension Board Terms of Reference.

Send your application for the role of Independent Chair to the East Sussex Pension Fund by the closing date of Friday 29 March.

Browse meetings and agendas, and view contact details for the members of the Pensions Board.